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2008 Labor Day Women's Division

by Peri Kurshan & Kath Ratcliff, with Lindsey Hack, Miranda Roth, & Gwen Ambler

The 2008 Labor Day Ultimate Championships brought twelve top teams from around the US to Santa Cruz for a weekend of pre-Series games.

Brute Squad's Peri Kurshan and Zeitgeist's Kath Ratcliff generously wrote up their thoughts after an exhausting weekend. Backhoe's Lindsey Hack, Riot's Miranda Roth and Fury's Gwen Ambler helped with comments, background information, and useful suggestions.

The Huddle is very lucky to have the input of top players, and we hope to continue up-to-date and relevant coverage of the Women's Division. All thanks should go to the authors and contributors. If you enjoy the articles, please thank them at the next tournament you see them at!

2008 Labor Day Open Division

by Ben Wiggins

The 2008 Labor Day UItimate Championships welcomed fifteen of the best North American teams to Santa Cruz for a long weekend of quality games.

With the Series less than two weeks away, the attending teams are looking to put themselves in crunch-time situations against similarly motivated opponents, so that they are ready for Sectional/Regional matchups and get early looks at possible National qualifiers.

Included here are my thoughts on the teams that I saw first-hand, with some help and helpful comments from other Huddle authors in attendance this past weekend. As always, I'll be focusing on the strategic and tactical sides of the game.

As always, please feel free to send corrections or suggestions or critiques to the editors at