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CrossFit: An Offseason Option

For every email question we receive about Ultimate strategy, we receive another email or two with the same basic question: "How do I get in the best possible shape to play this game?." We are lucky enough to have an answer for you, which we are breaking up into three parts.

Active player and coach Xi Xia's take on the CrossFit phenomena is a great description of what many top players have already found to be an excellent foundation for great physical shape. We are excited to bring you this special Feature about CrossFit, Ultimate training, and your future as a player.


Xi Xia has been CrossFitting since April 2007 and is an owner at CrossFit Portland. This article is a summary of CrossFit and Xi focuses on how it can be one useful tool for an Ultimate player. He will discuss how CrossFit is a very useful tool in training for Ultimate based on his personal experience, his own training, and also on his research of the energy demands of elite Ultimate. You can find that research on The Huddle's Weblog.

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